Top Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills?

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Studies show that we end up wasting around 20% of home energy annually. Such waste is caused by poor habits in how we use gas and electricity. Every month, the excess bills paid by us add up to substantial sums, which can hit your budget hard – be at home or business. To save your hard-earned money, just follow the tips below:

Select the lowest-cost power supplier

The math is simple; if you lower your cost per kWh or therm, you will save money independent of your usage.  Being more efficient and using less saves money too, but selecting the lowest cost provider is painless.  You now have the option of choosing an efficient and cost-effective energy supplier thanks to the deregulation of electricity and natural gas in many markets. More than 30 states have deregulated their energy markets, allowing consumers like you to get the best price for your home and business. Just compare energy prices on a pricing portal like and select the supplier that meets your needs in terms of contract length and fixed-rate pricing.  Your local utility remains the same and delivers the gas and electricity to your home or business no matter which supplier you select.

Poor habits result in high energy bills

In addition to lowering your fixed cost of supply, smart usage can reduce your energy bills substantially. Unfortunately, many households have poor ‘energy usage’ habits that cause high energy bills. A few simple and efficient tips can go a long way in conserving electricity and lower energy bills.

  • Turn off appliances that are not in use
  • Tune-up the air conditioners and furnaces for better efficiency
  • Buy inverter air conditioners, refrigerators, among others, to reduce energy consumption
  • Shut the blinds when leaving home in summer and keep them open in winter
  • Shade the outdoor air conditioning unit to make it work less in cooling your home
  • Use smart thermostats that allow you to preset temperatures in your home so as not to heat or cool your home when it is empty.

Understand those power-saving stars while buying appliances

The energy stars on household appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners, among others, highlight the level of energy consumption or efficiency (the more the stars, the lesser is the energy consumption.) Highly rated energy star refrigerators can save 50% of the energy costs versus inefficient older models. Look for tax breaks and utility-sponsored subsidies offered to consumers to incentivize the purchase of appliances with power-saving energy stars. Be sure to consider efficiency ratings and understand the projected annual costs when shopping for household machines like air conditioners, washers, dryers, and furnaces.  A few extra dollars at purchase can result in years worth of savings.

LED versus LCD

LED lights and television sets are more energy-efficient than LCD by consuming less energy. This makes them long-lasting – 6 times longer than CFL bulbs and LCD televisions. An LED television offers better contrast and brighter display by consuming less power. Further, LED television dissipates lesser heat due to a thinner panel compared to an LCD television. It would be a smart move to change the lights in your house to LEDs could justify buying yourself a new smart, LED TV too


High energy bills can occur if you do not take notice and continue with poor habits of energy usage. The above-mentioned steps can help you in reducing your energy consumption. With the deregulation of the energy markets, you can choose the energy supplier that offers the best possible rates and quality of service. Thus, it is time you compare energy rates and bring down your power bills significantly.

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