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Businesses, WeΓÇÖve Got You Covered provides an easy way to run Requests for Quotes (ΓÇ£RFQΓÇ¥) for your accounts. With concurrent competitive bids and transparent pricing on offer, thereΓÇÖs no reason to overpay for gas or electricity. We can handle the bid and contract process for your business account with our Concierge Service and we can also help you save significantly online.

Either way, you have the power to choose the best natural gas and electricity, supplier!

About Our Concierge Service

Depending on your larger accountΓÇÖs needs, usage patterns and market conditions, our Concierge Service may provide significant savings. Since supplier terms are negotiable, standard ΓÇ£fixed priceΓÇ¥ contracts arenΓÇÖt always the best option for larger, more sophisticated customers.

Additionally, we can often assist businesses with no credit or a poor credit history obtain very fairly priced supply contracts for electricity and gas.

No “act now” offers. No rewards program gimmicks. Simply a better rate.

Same Utility Delivery

Your local utility owns and maintains the distribution system (transmission lines, for example) that delivers power to your residence/business. The utility charges a fee to deliver energy to you. They also manage billing for all services provided, including supply, distribution, and taxes.

Shop The Best Supply Plans

The supply charge listed on your electric or natural gas bill is for the actual energy itself. With deregulation, YOU have the freedom to choose the best energy suppliers. Use to comparatively shop the cheapest electricity and natural gas providers online, and switch in a few clicks.

A Lower Rate Today

Once enrolled in a new energy plan, youΓÇÖll still receive a single bill from your local utility; the supply line on your bill simply changes to the supplier of your choice. ItΓÇÖs really that simple. ThereΓÇÖs no interruption of service, ever! And the local utilityΓÇÖs still responsible for servicing your home or business.


Q: ΓÇ£WhatΓÇÖs the catch ΓÇö is Utility Discount really free?ΓÇ¥
A: ThereΓÇÖs absolutely no cost to use our pricing portal to obtain and compare gas and electricity rates. Utility Discount receives a modest fee directly from the chosen energy supplier only if you choose and contract through our site.

Q: ΓÇ£How do I know your rates are the lowest?ΓÇ¥
A: rates are equal to or better than the rates on the suppliersΓÇÖ websites because suppliers know you are comparing multiple electricity and gas suppliers. And suppliers must compete to win your business.

With, everyone wins. Buyers receive excellent pricing choices, suppliers receive access to qualified and active prospective customers, and Utility Discount brings buyer and seller together in a fair and transparent manner to help them get the best electricity and gas rates.

Q: ΓÇ£Is there anything else I need to do once I sign up?ΓÇ¥
Just watch for the confirmation email we’ll send to your inbox — it’s got all the details you need. We’ll also email you when it’s time to renew your contract. More on energy contracts ›

Affinity Program


The Utility Discount Affinity Program offers exciting revenue sharing opportunities by co-branding our online energy shopping portal for your customers, members or tenants.

Interested? The program offers you a custom zip code–driven comparison shopping portal in which our top-rated energy suppliers have agreed to compete directly. Suppliers pay commission on rates that are at or below their general public offerings.

Unlike many affinity programs or network marketing strategies, no premium is added to the cost of service.

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