How We Do It

Residential Accounts

We created a simple pricing platform that allows residential customers easing access to transparent pricing from multiple leading suppliers. All a customer needs to do is compare their current rates with the ones on offer and act if there are savings. The contract process is online and straightforward. UtilityDiscount’s platform allows the chosen supplier and the customer to contract directly with each other.

Business Accounts

For small and medium-sized businesses, the process is the same as with residential accounts; however, depending on the account size and particular market, we can often run RFQs to obtain custom pricing. provides an easy way to run Requests for Quotes (“RFQ”) for your accounts. With concurrent competitive bids and transparent pricing on offer, there’s no reason ever to overpay for gas or electricity. We can handle the bid and contract process for your business account with our Concierge Service, and we can also help you save significantly online.

Often our RFQ’s will beat our posted matrix pricing by a significant margin.  In many markets, suppliers can access an account’s usage history, allowing them to price based on an account’s historical demand and capacity levels.  Fifty percent of the time, a random account profile will have a usage profile that projects to use lower-cost electricity than the average account profile on which suppliers base their matrix pricing.  When matrix pricing is available, why not “cherry pick” and take the best offer available.


For accounts equipped with Time of Use meters, the savings can be especially dramatic for some customers.  If the bids received are above the matrix pricing, no harm is done, and we then recommend selecting the matrix price option.

For larger accounts, we usually submit requests for pricing to more than a dozen suppliers.  Most respond with very competitive pricing.  We then send you, our client, a bid report and analysis.  Once you select the winner, UtilityDiscount facilitates the contracting process directly between you and the chosen supplier.   [Insert link to the Concierge page here]  Title “Concierge Service Link”

How do we do it?

We created an easy-to-use pricing platform that allows UtilityDiscount to submit pricing to numerous suppliers who are eager to bid for potential customers and then transmit those bids to our clients.  We then provide the means for both parties to complete the contracting process online seamlessly.

We attract clients through our transparent pricing platform on which multiple suppliers compete for their business.  UtilityDiscount works with over seventy leading national suppliers enabling our clients to obtain excellent pricing in all markets.

Our suppliers are happy to gain access to potential customers. We never charge our clients for whom we provide access to excellent pricing.  Suppliers pay UtilityDiscount for providing them with potential customers.  Sometimes everyone can be a “winner.”

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