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Simply select electricity or gas for energy type and then enter your zip code. Then compare energy prices for residential for the desired length of the contract. Next, compare the price offered to the rate you are currently paying. Assuming it is less why not switch? Your local utility will still be responsible for delivering the power from your chosen energy supplier to your home. Same service, lower cost, such a deal!

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Your local utility owns and maintains the distribution system (transmission lines, for example) that delivers power to your residence/business. The utility charges a fee to deliver energy to you. They also manage billing for all services provided, including supply, distribution, and taxes.

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The supply charge listed on your electric or natural gas bill is for the actual energy itself. With deregulation, YOU have the freedom to choose the cheapest energy supplier. Use to compare and shop the cheapest electricity and natural gas providers online, and switch in a few clicks.

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Once enrolled in a new energy plan or switch energy supplier, you’ll still receive a single bill from your local utility; the supply line on your bill simply changes to the supplier of your choice. It’s that simple. There’s no interruption of service, ever! And the local utility’s still responsible for servicing your home or business.

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