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The Power Group, LLC, a leading energy consultancy, launched utilitydiscount.com to provide a simple platform for customers to quickly and efficiently obtain prices from electric and gas suppliers. Top national suppliers compete for your business without cost or obligation.

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utilitydiscount.com was designed and created by the Power Group, LLC as a platform to allow business and residential consumers to easily obtain fair priced energy supply contracts in all deregulated markets. The Power Group is led by CEO, Arthur Handelman, a licensed attorney with extensive energy experience. He previously practiced law with a preeminent energy law firm in Illinois. Prior to founding The Power Group, Mr. Handelman worked as an energy consultant advising leading property management companies, manufacturers and healthcare facilities about electric power deregulation and the opportunities and pitfalls of contracting for electric power supply.

Over the past decade, Arthur Handelman and the Power Group have assisted clients through the process of solicitation and analysis of supply offers. Experience and intimate knowledge of the industry enabled The Power Group to establish solid contractual relationships with numerous high quality suppliers. The Power Group is able to swiftly obtain supply bids for its customers and advise them on the merits of the bids.

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