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Energy price comparison sites

There is not a single “cheapest” energy supplier for everyone. The best deal for you would depend on a host of parameters – consumption level, type of meter, type of tariff (fixed or variable), renewable energy, or otherwise. However, suppose you live in an energy-deregulated state. In that case, it is best to visit an energy price comparison site like periodically to know the prevailing rates offered by various energy suppliers. And yes, while comparing the rates, keep the annual statement or the latest power bill handy. In case you think your monthly power bill is high, say, compared to your neighbor with more or less similar consumption level, it is probable that you a higher rate for your energy. You may be able to get a better energy deal by switching to another energy supplier. However, there are questions that consumers generally have when they think of switching their energy supplier.

Does switching energy supply interrupt my supply in any way?

Since your new energy supplier (the one offering you energy at cheaper rates) will use the same local utility comprising wires, meters, and pipes to supply power to your residence or business establishment (or both), there will be no interruption in supply. So, switching your energy supplier changes only the supplier and not the distribution apparatus, and of course, your monthly electricity bill. The new electricity supplier will arrange the transfer of energy by contacting your existing supplier and ensuring no service disruption.

Is cheap energy lead to poor customer service?

No, selecting a different energy supplier with a cheaper rate does not mean compromised or below-par customer service. The delivery of your electricity or gas is always through your local utility.  With deregulation, you have the power to choose which company provides you the energy that your local utility delivers to your account.

How to change my electricity supplier and get the best deal?

You must understand that not every household or business establishment automatically receives the lowest energy rates. The only way to find the best energy deal is to visit one of the credible energy price comparison sites such as To find the best energy deal, you will need to provide two pieces of information:

  • Enter your zip code to find the different energy suppliers in your area
  • Enter your energy consumption level in the kWh unit from your annual statement or the latest bill. Most utility bills list both your monthly and annual usage.  Simply enter your usage and determine the level of saving available.

After choosing the new electricity supplier offering the best deal, you may leave the rest of the process to the two utilities. The new supplier will contact the existing supplier and arrange the switchover.


It is possible that you may be stuck with an electricity supplier (and plan) that does not offer the optimal rates. It is time you made use of the opportunity that came your way through energy deregulation by visiting the energy price comparison site, By choosing the supplier with the best deal, you can save on your monthly bills.

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