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If you prefer, utilitydiscount.com can handle the bid and contract process for your business account with our Concierge Service. Supplier terms are negotiable and fixed supply is not always the best option. Utility Discount can often assist businesses with no credit or a poor credit history obtain very fairly priced supply contracts. For larger and more sophisticated customers standard ΓÇ£fixed priceΓÇ¥ contracts may not be optimal. Depending on an accountΓÇÖs needs, usage patterns and market conditions, day-ahead pricing or block and index contracts may provide significant savings.

Commercial Energy Contract Pointers for Electricity in Massachusetts

For the average business, a secure low priced, fixed rate, ΓÇ£all inΓÇ¥, electric power supply contract is probably the most sensible. Fixed rate contracts prevent budget busting surprises. Given that electric power rates are near historic lows, there is little reason for most customers to be creative when structuring power purchase agreements. The main exceptions are larger users who have an ability to curtail and are sufficiently-staffed to actively manage power use.

When Should the Contracting Process Start?

Consideration of a new power contract four to six months prior to the end date of an existing contract is prudent. Market fluctuations are common, so it is to your benefit to avoid facing the pressure of an expiring contract.

Review the current contract to determine when the current contract ends and what, if any, notification of nonrenewal need be provided to the current supplier.

The price of energy is just the starting point. The contract terms must be understood to properly evaluate the best offer. If your electric bill is a sizable portion of your budget or you simply prefer the service of an expert consultant please consider our Concierge Service.

Clauses to Understand When Considering A Contract

Each provider has its own form contracts. Some are better than others, but all have adverse terms that affect the actual cost of the contract, and which make an ΓÇ£apples to applesΓÇ¥ comparison of suppliersΓÇÖ bids rather challenging.

The price per kWh is the starting point. Key points to consider when evaluating a contract are:

Are there extra supplier imposed costs such as meter or administrative fees?

When are payments due after billing?

What are the late fees?

What is the cost of an early termination?

How is force majeure defined?

Other than a force majeure event, can a supplier impose additional requirements?

Are there penalty clauses, and if so, are there opportunities to cure?

Is it a full-requirements contract or are there usage penalties?


Make sure you understand what will occur at the end of the contract term. Most, but not all contracts have automatic rollover provisions; some are reasonable, others not. You will almost always be better off looking to extend or replace a supply contract several months prior to its actual expiration. If you contract though UtilityDiscount.com, we will do our best to alert and remind you to take action prior to contract expiration.

Concierge Service

If you prefer, utilitydiscount.com can handle the bid and contract process for your business account with our Concierge Service.

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Affinity Programs offer significant revenue sharing opportunities that can be co-branded for presentation to your members, customers and tenants.

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