Utility Discount is pleased to offer special reduced pricing for all managed properties.

Pricing provided for the common area and tenant accounts. Electric power and natural gas savings are available in all deregulated markets.

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The process is simple; Small Business accounts spending less than $2,000 a month have instant pricing, large Business accounts spending over $2,000 a month have free access to our pricing platform to directly run their own RFQ’s where suppliers actively compete to serve the account. Pricing is presented without cost or obligation in a manner similar to other pricing aggregators like Expedia and Priceline. Alternatively, use our Concierge service and we will handle the solicitation, present the offers and fully assist with the contracting process. Just click here for  CONCIERGE SERVICE  or call toll free (866) 667-9322.

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Protect Yourself And Compare Prices

With utilitydiscount.com, you have pricing transparency. When your current supplier offers to renew your contract, request the pricing in writing and verify there are no hidden recurring fees such as metering fees and administrative charges. Then simply enter your account information into our pricing porthole and compare prices. If your current supplier has the lowest offer, great, you know what to do. However, if an utilitydiscount.com supplier has the lowest offer, it is time to make a change and save money.

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Why Utility Discount?

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    Utility Discount can help guide you through your options in deregulated energy markets. Helping you pick an energy supplier that will lower your electric and gas bills.

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    Individuals & Businesses

    Save money at home and/or at your business with Utility Discount’s energy comparison services.

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    The Freedom of Choice

    The consumer can decide whatΓÇÖs most important: price, the supplier, contract length, and much more.

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    Superior Technology

    Our Power Kiosk Application, allows you to compare rates between suppliers. You can make a hassle free switch in minutes. It’s that easy.

How Energy Deregulation Works


Your local electricity utility owns and maintains the power transmission lines that deliver (distribute) electric power to your residence or place of  business. The electric utility charges a fee to deliver this power to the consumer. The electric utility also manages the billing for all the electric services provided which include supply,distribution, and taxes.


Electricity is created and supplied by power generators. The State Public Utilities Commission chooses a default supplier called the Basic Service or Standard Offer, typically provided by the historic local electric company. With deregulation you choose the supplier. Use utilitydiscount.com to comparatively select the lowest cost supplier.


Once enrolled, you will still receive a single bill from your local utility. The supply line on your bill will change from Basic Service/Standard Offer to the Power Supply company that you choose. There is no interruption of service, ever! If a tree falls on the power line outside your home, you still call the local utility, the local utility remains responsible for delivering electricity to your home.

Utility Discount Energy Services ΓÇô Electric and Natural Gas Savings

Be Smart

Utility Discount Services offers reduced energy rates on electricity, natural gas, and offers green energy supply. Energy solutions that save you money, we work with both individual and commercial customers.

Many individual and business consumers are victims of overcharging by unscrupulous suppliers, brokers and marketers who take advantage of the consumerΓÇÖs lack of basic pricing information. These scoundrels know that the cyclical and volatile nature of commodity pricing make it almost impossible to know if the price is fair. DonΓÇÖt be a victim; be smart and use utilitydiscount.com as your guide.

How Much Does it Cost?

Yes, it really is free to use the Utility Discount pricing portal to obtain and compare rates. Utility Discount receives a modest fee directly from the chosen supplier only if you choose and contract through our site. The rates posted on Utility Discount are the same or better than the rates on the supplierΓÇÖs websites because the suppliers know you are comparison shopping.

Utility Discount was designed so that everyone wins. Buyers receive excellent pricing choices, suppliers receive access to qualified and active prospective customers and Utility Discount earns its fee by bringing buyer and seller together in a fair and transparent manner.

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utilitydiscount.com provides a live, value-based, competitive and transparent energy purchasing technology that attracts national suppliers to bid on your electricity and natural gas accounts providing you with the best prices for your business or home.

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